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Positive Parenting Workshop: Harmony at Home

  • Words Bookstore Cafe (map)

BD20 payable in advance to Words

In this workshop we will look deeper into the energetic relationship between the parent and the child. At birth the baby shares the energy system of the mother and during the first seven years we gradually become more independent energetically as we learn and evolve through the lessons we learn together in the energetic field that we share as a family. We all grow in seven year cycles and the first seven years of our life is one of the most important phases of growth and development that has a effect on us for the rest of our lives. 

We will learn how to use this energetic connection to deal with inappropriate behaviours effectively and motivate your child to become more responsible, mature and independent. This will include challenging behaviours like tantrums. Ultimately we will discuss creating harmony in the home by getting children to follow the routine, structure and key times like eating, sleeping, homework, bath time and other times that they like to resist. 

Understanding the seven year cycles of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth of human beings really help us connect to our selves and children in a deeper way. 

All are welcome!