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Book Signing with Dilara Nagib

  • Words Bookstore Cafe (map)

'It Stung and I Laughed'

Almost a year has passed since L.J. left behind her home in Australia, and moved to the unpopular town of New Crescent, Massachusetts so that her stepfather may continue his medical career. For a year, next to nothing has happened. That is: until the annual warehouse party. 
Following the events of the night, a series of animal attacks haunt the town. All the meanwhile, L.J. finds herself drawn to a boy. And Raph Di Conte, irrefutably dark and strange, is proof that some secrets remain secrets simply because they should. 
It Stung and I Laughed portrays a story of love and gore, blood - and the tragically feral human psyche.

"I started writing because it made me happy. It still does. It's ridiculous and totally wonderful how everything adds up, how the smallest detail in the writing process is no less significant than the title itself. 'It Stung and I Laughed' was not my first published piece of work, but is undoubtedly the one I am proudest of. Within the eight months I spent creating this novella, I experimented with various writing styles until I found one that came most naturally. On paper, it was so much easier to express myself - to say the things I maybe didn't have the courage to before, to be different people all at once without changing who I am. You learn a lot, not just about life and the gritty trivial matters that no-one talks about, but also about yourself. At sixteen, I like to believe I have a whole life ahead of me: I don't intend on wasting it."

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