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My Rights Are Divine

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A closer look at children's rights in the Muslim Arab world with Dr Nina Abdul Razzak

Dr Nina Abdul Razzak, author of My Rights Are Divine: A closer look at children's rights in the Muslim Arab World, will talk about a number of important topics related to children’s rights in Islam and the status of those rights in the Muslim Arab World. She will touch upon the region’s position towards international children’s rights conventions; violations of children’s rights and abuse in the region; explanations of why such violations exist; causes and effects of child abuse in general; parental alienation; the relationship of mental illness to child abuse; and child protection and prevention.


 The talk will highlight some of the cultural factors hindering protection of children’s rights in the Muslim Arab World in light of the argument that the hope for child abuse victims becomes greater in the presence of a culture in which true or authentic Islamic values are rightly implemented.   

Dr. Abdul Razzak is currently working as an Academic Consultant with the Bahrain Education and Training Quality Authority (BQA). Previously, she was an Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology and Educational Leadership at the Bahrain Teachers’ College (BTC) of the University of Bahrain (UoB) where she had the chance to train thousands of school teachers and assistant principals.  

Dr. Abdul Razzak has a number of publications in international scientific journals and her research interests focus mainly on best practices in education, technology access and integration in schools, the effects of child maltreatment, and gender-related issues. She also has her own international scientific journal ‘The Journal of Teaching and Teacher Education” which she founded in 2012 under the sponsorship of the University of Bahrain.

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