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The Desire Map with Rana Alamuddin

  • Words Bookstore Cafe (map)

10am OR 7pm

When I left Hollywood five years ago as an actress with a career, hot legs, a suitcase filled with stylish clothes and swapped it all for baby-making and rearing in Saudi Arabia, I never thought that at the end of the tunnel there would be this.

Me coming face to face with my Desire. Me coming face to face with my authentic self.

The Desire Map chose me. It turned my life upside down. It’s goal-setting and life-planning with soul. From the inside out. Holistic. Joyful. Empowered.

In our modern society, we have the procedures of happiness and achievement upside down. We go after the things we want to have, get, accomplish and experience outside of ourselves. And we hope and pray that we’ll be fulfilled once we get there. It’s backwards. It’s outside in. And it’s running us in circles.

The Desire Map is Danielle LaPorte’s response to seeing so many people -especially women - struggle, burn out, deplete, lose themselves or simply accept to live unfulfilled as they strive for balance, joy, self- expression, sense of purpose, love or success.

The Desire Map is a global movement helping us identify How We Want to Feel in every area of our life, discover our core desired feelings and create goals with soul. The Desire Map has sold over 300,000 copies and is translated into seven languages. There are over 1000 Desire Map facilitators, such as myself, leading workshops worldwide.

In this intro, we’ll explore the notions of desire, goals, achievement and fulfillment and identify How You Want to Feel in the various areas of your every day life. All in a safe, respectful and nurturing atmosphere.

You desire? I thought so. Meet me there. I look forward to having you.

All are welcome